The Art of Haddon Sundblom


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The Art of Haddon Sundblom by Daniel Zimmer

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Technische Daten

Autor Daniel Zimmer
Verleger Illustrated Press
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 224
Höhe (cm) 30,4
Breite (cm) 22,5
Dicke (cm) 1,3
Gewicht (kg) 1,593
Sprache Anglais
Veröffentlichung 2022

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This spectacular book explores the life and work of Haddon Sundblom, one of America's foremost illustrators. Best known for his legendary Santa Claus illustrations for Coca-Cola, Sundblom produced hundreds of other illustrations for a diverse range of clients.

The book is 224 pages long, and filled to the brim with scores of beautiful illustrations reproduced from rare tear sheets and original paintings and drawings, simply Superb!

More informationon the publisher's website.

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