Jean Giraud "Moebius" - Le Major (FR)


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Le Major by Jean Giraud aka Moebius


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Technische Daten

Autor Jean Giraud "Moebius"
Verleger Moebius Production
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 340
Höhe (cm) 21.5
Breite (cm) 15.5
Dicke (cm) 3
Gewicht (kg) 0.7
Sprache French
Veröffentlichung 12/2018
ISBN 9782908766394

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This book, completed between the years 1997 and 2009, combines pictorial carelessness as well as extreme concentration. It is typical of a style very dear to Mœbius, close to total improvisation. Le Major, the protagonist of this so-called story, evolves with humor and phylosophy in a context that resonates with the one of the Inside Mœbius series. During this journey in the Garage Hermétique nebula, guest stars can be found in various pages such as Lorenzo Mattotti, François Avril, André Juillard, William Vance, Sylvio Cadelo or even Mœbius' family in the names of Isabelle Giraud, Raphaël et Nausicaä.

This black and white edition comes with a few coloured pages.