MANN Vol. 1.7 The Sketchbooks


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MANN Vol. 1.7 The Sketchbooks/ Jeremy Mann

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Technische Daten

Autor Jeremy Mann
Verleger Red Rabbit
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 404
Höhe (cm) 21.5
Breite (cm) 13
Dicke (cm) 4.5
Gewicht (kg) 0.940
Sprache Anglais
Veröffentlichung 2018
ISBN 978-0-9971924-2-1
Creator Jeremy Mann
Label Red Rabbit
Product Group Book
Product Type Name ABIS_BOOK
Publication Date 2015-01-01
Studio Red Rabbit

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A 404 page, 5 x 8 inch, hardbound duplicate of the artist's private sketchbooks spanning from the years 2013 - 2016.  

With 400 full page images each personally edited by the artist to correspond to his original sketch, each image exists as closely to his original creation as was humanly possible. The book has rounded corners, a bound ribbon bookmark, and a luxurious black cover with a partial dust jacket; a beautifully crafted book to complement the delicately wrought, often ethereal images contained within.  

The sketchbook covers the period going from July 2013 to Oct. 2016.

This product exists in a collector's version featuring an original sketch from the artist on a blank page made for this purpose. You can find this exceptional version by clicking here!