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Get all three volumes of the Urban sketch collection by famous South Korean illustrator Dong Ho KIM!


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作者KIM Dong Ho
页数128 + 136 + 184
书重 (kg)0,6 + 0,7 + 0,9
舌头No text
书的出版日期2016 + 2018 + 2022


Finally a bundle containing all three volumes of the Urban Sketch collection!

Published by South Korean publishing house Superani, this collection reveals the unique and diverse work of the very talented Dong Ho KIM.

These three volumes explore different themes:

Volume 1 (2016) is filled with the fascination for beauty found in quiet and peaceful moments where people who are found in everyday life become characters in some of the most famous fictional universes such as The Simpsons, Superhero comics or Japanese mangas.

We discover in Volume 2 (2018)  great cityscapes as diverse as Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chuncheon, and Las Vegas,  and superb natural landscapes such as Bryce Canyon in Utah, Boracay in Philippines or Phuket in Thaïland,  but through the new and personal point of view of the illustrator.

3rd volume (2022), final of the trilogy, takes us on a beautiful world tour, a collection of urban sketches, and as a bonus, you can admire the gorgeous photos he took as reference material for his sketches.

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