ZEEN Chin - Re Child



59,00 €


作者 ZEEN Chin
编辑 ArtPage
制本 Hardcover
页数 100
书高 (cm) 36
书本宽度 (cm) 26
书本厚度 (cm) 2
书重 (kg) 1.45
舌头 English & Chinese
书的出版日期 2017
ISBN 9787504499639


ZEEN Chin's first art illustration publication Re-Child is a collection of inspirations from his childhood living across a Taoist temple. Reflecting upon the "disparity of children and grown-ups" ZEEN Chin focused on the memories and carefree whimsical moments he had in the past and lets it playfully takeover his paintings. The book (of almost 100 pages) has full color illustrations, a few pieces of black ink paintings, and some paragraphs in chinese and english about the artist.

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