Gary Gianni - The Prince Valiant Page (English)



The Prince Valiant Page by Gary Gianni
Introduction by Robert Wagner
Foreword by Mike Mignola

Hard cover with jacket


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作者 Gary Gianni
制本 Hardcover
页数 112
书高 (cm) 30.4
书本宽度 (cm) 22.8
书本厚度 (cm) 1
书重 (kg) 1.1
舌头 English
书的出版日期 2008
ISBN 978-1-933865-04-1


The Prince Valiant Page is the first book collection featuring Gary Gianni’s work on Prince Valiant. This book gives us unprecedented access to Gianni’s rendition of the Prince Valiant Sunday strip and work methods. Gianni describes his role as an assistant to John Cullen Murphy who had originally been the assistant to Hal Foster--Prince Valiant's creator! Upon Murphy's retirement, Gianni became the third artist in the feature's 70-year history.

Supporting artwork includes collaborations between Murphy and Gianni, with Murphy’s hand written notes and instructions. Examples of Gianni’s work over the past thirty years as a professional illustrator are included as well.

Gianni’s entertaining, insightful text reveals his methods and working relationships with Murphy and current Prince Valiant writer, Mark Schultz. Further, he provides many art tips learned during the course of his career. All Prince Valiant aficionados, those interested in the creation process, and enthusiasts of Gianni’s artwork will find this book appealing.

Most reproductions are direct from the original artwork, rendered with archival quality, and displayed in museum catalogue format. Never before reproduced in this format, Gianni’s originals are delineated using brush and pen. He utilises these tools to create tones and variations often lost in the pure black and white reproduction methods characteristically employed in newspapers and comics.

This book includes three gatefolds of Prince Valiant strips in colour to showcase the finished works.

More info on the publisher's website: FLESK publications

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