Dongho KIM - Space Drawing: Perspective



Space Drawing: Perspective written by artist KIM Dongho!


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作者 Dong Ho KIM
编辑 SuperAni
制本 Softcover
页数 232
书高 (cm) 25.7
书本宽度 (cm) 19
书本厚度 (cm) 1.3
书重 (kg) 0.625
舌头 English
书的出版日期 2020
ISBN 9791197005121


Dongho Kim latest book, Space Drawing: Perspective is a master guide on how to draw considering Points of view, Space and Perspective

This book is suitable for beginners and intermediate artists who find it difficult to transpose a real-life space onto a flat surface. Considering the relationship between the observer and the object that is being drawn is a crucial step before the pencil even touches the paper. This book offers to walk us through this process.

Using many of his own illustrations as examples, Dongho KIM also includes photographs and sketches as examples. We are also given warnings about common mistakes that his students make.

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