Sylvain Despretz - Los ángeles English Version - Deluxe edition



Los ángeles English Version - Deluxe edition, by Sylvain Despretz


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作者 Sylvain Despretz
编辑 Editions Caurette
制本 Hardcover
页数 400
书高 (cm) 28
书本宽度 (cm) 21,4
书本厚度 (cm) 4
书重 (kg) 3.2
舌头 English
书的出版日期 2020
ISBN 9791096315772


The book - Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition contains two books inserted in a beautiful slipcase : Los ángeles and Midnight Show. Midnight Show is a 80 pages, softcover volume, filled with illustrations that, despite our best efforts, we were unable to fit into the main book. These drawings are for the most part related to movie projects but feature also some personal artwork by Sylvain. Both books are 8,5 x 11 inches (A4) in size. 

The image of its city namesake, Los ángeles is a multifaceted book teaming with angels and gods. It’s where Sylvain Despretz has lived for the past 20 years, behind the scenes and next to the mightiest of the mighty. A renowned artist who works in the shadows, he has helped pen the visions of Ridley Scott, David Fincher, Andrei Konchalovsky, Mike Newell, Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick, to name a few. Storyboards, concept art, paintings and illustration – his palette of talents has been deployed to bring emblematic (The Fifth Element, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Eyes Wide Shut) and other lesser known works to fruition.

This book is neither catalogue nor instruction manual – it is both, and yet so much more. Throughout the pages the author reveals his calling – that of an artist and craftsman putting his talent to work on the dream machine that is Hollywood. Peppered with anecdotes, observations and musings on the past two decades, this book is a unique must-have for all those who are interested in cinema and art in general.

Sylvain Despretz is an independent writer-director who has worked extensively in the USA and in Europe in the fields of storyboarding and illustration. His mentor in the early part of his career was none other than the late Jean “Mœbius” Giraud, the world-renowned artist.

Sylvain took his first steps as an art director in New York at the advertising agency BBDO where, over a number of years, he worked on TV spots for clients like Pepsi, Gillette and General Electric. When he moved to Hollywood, he created storyboards for director David Fincher for Madonna’s Like a Prayer music video, and worked alongside pop star Michael Jackson on video concepts for his Dangerous album. Throughout the 1990s Sylvain also worked for director Ridley Scott and, over two decades, contributed to the development of numerous feature film projects and TV spots.

More info on the publisher's website: Editions Caurette, where you can also read a PDF of the first chapters of the book.

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