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MANN Vol. 2.7 - The Sketchbooks II



MANN Vol. 2.7 - The Sketchbooks / Jeremy Mann

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60,00 €

Ficha técnica

Autor Jeremy Mann
Editor Red Rabbit
Vinculante Hardcover
Número de páginas 404
Altura (cm) 21.5
Ancho (cm) 13
Espesor (cm) 4.5
Peso (kg) 0.940
Idioma No text
Fecha de publicación 2020
ISBN 978-09971-92-45-2

Más información

Jeremy Mann is one of my favorite artists. In his work, he combines rage with skill, beauty with fury, calm with storm. I have been waiting for this book for four years now, and the result is really up to my expectations. Throughout the 404 pages of this facsimile of his sketchbooks, you will have the opportunity to discover his research, his pencils doodles, his landscapes, his nudes, his wanderings and his moments of intimacy.

The sketchbook covers the period going from Nov. 2016 to Oct. 2020.

Besides, as crzay as he is, Jeremy has done everything himself: scanning, retouching, layout and supervision of the printing. Even the object is beautiful with its rounded corners, bookmark, hardcover and heavy paper.

If you are an illustration lover, it would be criminal not to have it in your library! :D

This product exists in a collector's version featuring an original sketch from the artist on a blank page made for this purpose. You can find this exceptional version by clicking here!