Franklin Booth - Silent Symphony



Silent Symphony Franklin Booth,extraordinary pen and ink illustrator of the Golden Age, accompanying essay by Alice A. Carter and John Fleskes

An all new 304 page book celebrating the life and art of Franklin Booth! Extensive essay with over 400 illustrations and photographs included!

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AutorAlice A. Carter & John Fleskes
EditorFlesk Publications
Número de páginas304
Altura (cm)29,7
Ancho (cm)21
Espesor (cm)2
Peso (kg)2.045
Fecha de publicación09/2022

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A word from the publisher:

Franklin Booth was a key figure and artist of the Golden Age of Illustration.  Booth's famously dynamic ink illustrations defy belief with their intricate detail, with light and shadow and movement drawn into every miniscule pen stroke. So complete are his drawings that one could swear they  actually hear and smell the whirl of autumn leaves as the chill of winter creeps closer. His cover art and advertisements for Collier's magazine, Good Housekeeping, and The Saturday Evening Post among others, delighted an eager audience that spanned the globe.

 Award-winning illustrator and professor Alice A. Carter delves into Booth’s life, with a stunning biography highlighting his humble childhood in Indiana, the early days of his professional career as an illustrator and his interesting personal life and teaching career with intimate stories  shared by his students, friends and fellow artists.

Pen-and-ink drawings cover a fifty-year span—from Booth’s earliest days to his final works, photos of Franklin Booth (1874-1948), his family, friends and colleagues have been lovingly collated with attention to detail.  All art was scanned and photographed from its original source material using the latest technology and painstakingly prepped for this publication.

Franklin Booth’s meticulous and unique pen technique has been revered by artists and students for the last hundred years, yet not a one has  been able to duplicate his style. Booth's humble upbringing, early child hood influences and life experiences all contribute to his perceptive and  compelling style, and is deeply infused with his love and respect for both nature and art.

He always listened to his own voice and developed a unique style that was dramatically different from anything that came before him, and was not the natural product of his era, hence, Booth's work is timeless and continues to capture audiences today.

Included in the book:

365 black-and-white illustrations

 25 colour illustrations

Over 20 photographs

Over 25 paintings and drawings by his peers from this time period

fascinating biography by Alice A. Carter

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