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Pillot & Moncomble - BALBUZAR (Special Edition) - French language



Balbuzar, special edition (French language)
If you're an illustration geek, this is just a MUST! From Frédéric Pillot, based on a story by Gérard Moncomble

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Ficha técnica

Auteur Frédéric Pillot & Gérard Moncomble
Editeur Editions Daniel Maghen
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 96
Hauteur 32
Largeur 24
Profondeur 1.3
Poids 0.880
Langue Français
Date de publication 22 octobre 2020
ISBN 9782356740779

Más información

Frédéric Pillot is a genius. And no, the word is not too strong! As soon as he grabs a brush or a pencil, a whole world starts to shine, colors explode and light is spread all around while seagulls sing for us...

This album is, without a single doubt, a masterpiece. One of these books that you will remember for a lifetime. One hundred pages of incredible art, a large size book, and a story...ah, hum, yes, if you're reading this page in English, then you probably won't be able to enjoy the story in French, but well, never mind, the art alone is a great reason (along with a small price!) to get this book that will be a treasure on your shelves.

And, cherry on the cake, we're very happy to have this book as a Special Edition, meaning it comes with two exclusive postcards, including one signed by Pillot himself!

Welcome aboard, sailor!


About the book

A story of confrontation between two universes, that of royalty and that of piracy, between conformity and diversity...

In the sea of Sarboucanes, sailing is dangerous! On his brigantine, L'Enragé, Balbuzar the pirate reigns unchallenged. He attacks, plunders, sinks, ransoms everything that passes within his reach. But Empress Pépita XIII is worried about this state of affairs and sends against Balbuzar his best officer, the Commodore, at the head of a whole armada. This story tells the face-to-face of two exceptional sailors, but in the battle that ensues, shattering, tumultuous, the struggle is nevertheless unequal because the Commodore has an army behind him and the power of the empire. Will the cunning Balbuzar be able to find the breach in the monster's armour?

More information (sorry, in French) on the publisher's website here!

And Frédéric Pillot's Instagram.

The artist's original artworks are sold by the galerie Daniel Maghen.