Kim Jung Gi - Sketchbook 2007



Sketchbook 2007 by Kim Jung Gi

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Ficha técnica

Autor KIM Jung Gi
Editor SuperAni
Vinculante Softcover
Número de páginas 1002
Altura (cm) 21
Ancho (cm) 15
Espesor (cm) 4.5
Peso (kg) 2
Idioma No text
Fecha de publicación 2007
ISBN 978-89-95973-20-2

Más información

The 2007 sketchbook is the first of Kim Jung Gi's creative compilations produced and it is… truly impressive! His artistic perspective and ability is unmatched, and this work is a wonderful introduction to his genius.

Approximately 21 x 15 x 4.5 cm, it has 1002 pages and weighs over one kilo.

In this sketchbook, you’ll find a bit of everything: drawings, doodles, comic pages, portraits, caricatures, animals, pictures of his live session drawings… You name it, it's there, a glorious display of talent!

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We would like to remind you that while we ship from France, Kim Jung Gi lives in Korea, so we cannot ask him to sign copies!

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