Digigraphie - 'The Tiger's New Clothes' - 150 x 75 cm (numéroté et signé) Ver más grande

Kim jung Gi - 'The Tiger's New Clothes' digigraphie - 150 x 75 cm (numbered and signed)



'The Tiger's New Clothes' by Kim Jung Gi (fine art print)

Digigraphie - 150 x 75 cm

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Fine art print on Hahnemühle William Turner 310 g/m² 100% Cotton White paper. 

The original work measures 3m x 1m50 and was scanned in high resolution with specific machines in order to provide this high quality reproduction. We acknowledge LaboGravure in Bordeaux, specializing in digigraphie, who gave us their best effort in tribute to Kim Jung Gi's art.

Only 49 copies, all numbered and signed!


  • Digigraphie
  • Dimensions: 150 x 75 cm
  • Not sold with a frame
  • Shipping included for Europe
  • Shipped with strong protection

Also available in 100 x 50 cm