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  • Sketchbooks
  • BD
  • Editions Caurette

    Editions Caurette is an independent publishing house of high-end illustrated books, promoting the work of some of the most famous illustrators from around the world. As well as artbooks, sketchbooks, monographs, gaming & concept art and artists editions, we publish selected graphic novels and cartoon books in both English and French.

  • SuperAni

    SuperAni is a publishing company that was fonded in Seoul, Korea, by KIM jung Gi and KIM Hyun Jin. It publishes and distributes illustration books from Korean and Japanese artists..

  • Import USA

    We went to get you some pretty nuggets in the USA: here they are!

  • Education

    You want to work on your technique ? You want to know more about drawing, painting or else ? Then you are in the right place !

  • Design Studios Press

    Design Studio Press is a Southern California–based publishing house with its fingers on the pulse of concept design. Founded over a decade ago by Scott Robertson, the press has stayed true to its mission to feature and partner directly with artists. With almost 100 titles and approximately 12 new ones released every year, Design Studio Press brings international attention to the field of concept art and educates future generations by publishing art and tutorials by world-renowned entertainment designers.

  • Mosquito Editions

    Mosquito Editions was born in 1989 and grewup in the comic book world. With a curious mind and a wish to work with artists from all over the world, Moquisto's catalogue grows in pages thanks to gifted artists from China, Argentina, Cuba, Finland, Italy, Spain, Belgium... Mosquito is know for quality books both for their content and material (paper choice, printing quality, design...).

  • Spaceman Project

    Spaceman Project is a crowdfunding platform specialised in the comic book world. We add the crowdfunding tool to our publishing house, transforming them into a mechanism for the production, funding, editing and distribution of comics. With Spaceman Project the authors can concentrate in creating, and readers can enjoy high quality books and exclusive products, while we take care of the edition, distribution and logistics. Our objective is to create a direct link between readers, authors and booksellers.

  • Photo

    “You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”
    Ansel Adams

    OK, well... at LiberDistri, what we try to promote is Artbooks, but when we saw Dmitry Markov's photos, we just couldn't go over it without adding it to the books we want people to see! Maybe one day we'll have more :

  • Nudity

    Nudity and/or erotic content.

    Viewer discretion advised.

  • Carbone
  • Editions Daniel Maghen
  • Disney

    This section is dedicated to bringing together the different works from the Walt Disney universe.

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