Art.Box: Gerald Parel



Art.Box: Gerald Parel, the third volume in an art-zine dedicated to Gerald Parel!

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Ficha técnica

AutorGerald Parel
EditorEditions Caurette and Spiridon
Número de páginas80
Altura (cm)29.7
Ancho (cm)21
Espesor (cm)0.9
Peso (kg)0.600
IdiomaNo text
Fecha de publicaciónApril 2024

Más información

About the book

It is a thrill to present Gerald Parel! Vivid images, striking juxtopositions, uncommon associations, are all ours to enjoy and revel in repeatedly. He is a genius in depicting a memorable persona, with a flair for the dramatic and intense, with illustrations that harken back to film noir movie posters, pulp fiction book covers, pop culture representations, all with a modern twist.

About the artist

Gerald Parel is a French artist currently working as art director for HITZONE. He started as a comic book artist for Marvel and DC before going on to have a career in advertising, movies and videogames with companies such as Riot Games and Netease.

About the Art.Box collection

Art.Box is a new art-zine series showcasing incredible art at an affordable price! Our goal is to bring you amazing art from a diverse roster of artists to every nook and cranny around the world where art lovers live and breathe! And in doing so, we will lay the foundation for building a great magazine collection!

With our ultimate purpose firmly in mind, we are delighted to present issue number three of Art.Box featuring Gerald Parel!

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