Jean-Pierre Gibrat - Cécile au café 2 (poster)



Jean-Pierre GIBRAT created this poster from his series Le Sursis.

This painting has been used as the cover for the second volume of this series.

Poster in 50*70 cm format (or 23.62 x 15.75").

Please place two orders if you would like to also buy books, because in France, posters have different shipping costs from parcels.


20,00 €

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作者GIBRAT Jean-Pierre
编辑Daniel Maghen
书高 (cm)40
书本宽度 (cm)30


This poster is printed on quality paper, format 30*40 cm and shipped in reinforced packaging for protection!

About the artist :

Jean-Pierre GIBRAT is a French cartoonist and scriptwriter born in Paris in 1954. Initially known as a cartoonist, in 1997 he began writing his own stories with the release of the diptych Le Sursis with Dupuis. His reputation as a colourist and illustrator preceded him, and now it's his pen and writing that the public are discovering and admiring.

Summary of the series Le sursis, from which the poster design is taken:

June 1943. Julien jumps off the train taking him to Germany and heads for the small village of Cambeyrac, in the Aveyron region, to hide unbeknownst to the villagers until the end of the war. Fate decided otherwise: the train was bombed and, among the victims, a body was identified as his. He was now dead to the world. From that moment on, from his vantage point overlooking the village, Julien will witness the constant drama of people's daily lives. Love, hatred, jealousy, cowardice, matters of the heart, acts of heroism - nothing escapes the observer's eye. Until the moment when, from being a spectator, he himself becomes an actor, and once again encounters his destiny, cruel and mocking, always unexpected, which only allowed him ja small reprieve. (published by Dupuis Editions).

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