Neyef - Hoka Hey! (Fine Art Print)



Hoka Hey ! by Neyef - Fine art print numbered and signed by the artist.

Available from Friday, June 21st 18PM CET until Monday, June 24th, 2024, 18PM CET.




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编辑Geek-Art x Editions Caurette
书高 (cm)91
书本宽度 (cm)61
书重 (kg)0,150



The artist:

Our fifth Geek-Art x Caurette collaboration, we're delighted to announce a large-format art print by the brilliant NEYEF!, (all caps ours because we are THAT thrilled!).  Neyef is the writer and illustrator of the fascinating comic strip Hoka Hey! published by Rue de Sèvres / Label 619, of which if you are not already a fan, we highly recommend you check it out!

The story goes thusly:  Set in the magnificent, sweeping Dakota prairie, Georges, is a young Native American boy, from the Lakota tribe, brought up by the pastor who shepherds his reserve. Acculturated, the young boy gradually forgets his roots and now has goals in keeping with his adopted society amidst the industrial boom and growth across America. He crosses paths with Little Knife, a cold and violent Amerindian who is on the hunt for his mother's killer. Accompanied by two companions, Little Knife leads Georges away from his intended path and instead and takes him on the second unexpected and life altering journey of his young life. Saddle up, this will be interesting!

The comic book has been a runaway success since its release, with several nominations including the Prix Canal BD 2023, the Prix Libr'à nous 2023, and the Prix BD Gest'arts 2022!

The Art Print:

Printed in a large format of 91 x 61 cm (36 x 24 inches) on very fine art paper, this print will be easy to hang on the wall, as frames of this size are readily available in major furniture stores (a Scandinavian one, for example).

Please note: this is a limited-time sale taking place from 6pm on Friday, June 21st, until 6pm to Monday, June 24th, 2024.

The principle behind TLAP (Time Limited Art Prints)

The concept is simple: instead of offering a fixed number of copies of an art print and quickly selling out, a time limited sale is organised and the final quantity of prints are limited to the number of copies sold during that time. So if you have a slow connection or can't get online in the minutes after the print is released, you are still guaranteed the object of your desire, in this case a high quality art print, ready for framing and hanging in a choice spot for optimum viewing!

These limited editions will be numbered according to the number of copies ordered and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. For example, if 238 art prints are ordered during the 3 days of the sale, the print run and numbering will be from 1/238 to 238/238 and the illustration will not be offered for sale again.

Neyef will sign all art prints and supporting documents.


If you've ordered from us before, you are aware of the care we take with our packaging, and we've further strengthened the tubes with bubble wrap + reinforced double-wall cardboard + stiffening cardboard... watch Jean-Christophe's torture test on YouTube to see for yourself!

Shipments within France will be tracked, and shipments abroad will be sent tracked or untracked according to the buyer's choice.

Delivery is expected towards the end of summer, giving you ample time to enjoy vacations, holidays, weekends away, whether your destination is the mountains, the beach or the city, knowing that good things come to those who wait and that time flies when you are having fun:)

After printing, numbering and signing, we will wrap and post the parcels to you, safely delivered into your eager hands, ready for your own unique creative framing and hanging.

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