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作者 Even Mehl AMUNDSEN
编辑 Editions Caurette
制本 Hardcover
页数 160
书高 (cm) 30
书本宽度 (cm) 21
书重 (kg) 1
舌头 English
书的出版日期 2017
ISBN 979-10-96315-10-9


366 stories, a full universe in three books ! (Part 1)

About Even Mehl Amundsen:

Even Mehl Amundsen is a freelance concept artist from Norway who has worked for studios like Volta, Blizzard, Riot, Wizards of the Coast and many more. Besides that he has been working on his own world as shown in TEGN. He travels a lot, teaching what he has learned in workshops and giving advice to newcomers.

What is TEGN?

Like many other artbooks this one was launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with overwhelming success. It ended with over 77.000€ funding and more than 1.200 backers whose support made production possible. The book has an A4 hardcover, with a black canvas spine and coated with leather textured surbalin paper, 160 pages and weighs about 900g. The inside is printed in full colour. During the campaign it was widely promoted throughout the world, receiving a lot of positive feedback.

366 days, 366 sketches telling 366 stories, some smaller, some greater. TEGN was shared first with the online community, now published as a series of beautiful books: TEGN - Book One - by Even Mehl Amundsen is the first of three books that together tell the whole story that started as a doodle on a New Year's day: "draw something today, and the next day and the next". Soon the doodles took on a life of their own, summoning up grand adventures and ideas for a world and its associated characters that emerged slowly from the mists of Even's imagination.

The result is stunning, terrific characters that one wants to know better, enriched with wonderful storytelling ability, this series will not disappoint!

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