Ashley WOOD - Investigation BUNDLE



The three first books investigating Ashley Wood's oeuvre from the last 15 years!


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作者 Ashley WOOD
编辑 Caurette Editions & 7174 Publishing
制本 Hardcover
页数 84+84+84
书高 (cm) 28.5
书本宽度 (cm) 28.5
书本厚度 (cm) 1+1+1
书重 (kg) 1+1+1
舌头 No text
书的出版日期 02/2023
ISBN 2023PK001


And here is the BUNDLE of the first three volumes of the Ashley Wood Library - Investigation collection!

This collection is a co-publication between Editions Caurette and 7174 publishing (Ashley Wood's publishing house)  to offer unprecedented access to the artist's monumental work.

For those who don't know him yet, Ashley Wood is a creator whose talent is expressed in many fields: painting, illustration, comics, toy design, etc. He is also the recipient of many prestigious awards such as the Spectrum Award, the Communication Art Award and has been nominated for an Eisner Award.

A multi-faceted artist, he is a creator of universes,  designing, directing and producing each creation himself. As a result of his imposing impressionist style he has become a key player in the alternative comics scene.

Let yourself be seduced by this impressionist investigation into the world of Eros and Thanatos, but also and above all, discover many of Ashley Wood's works published for the first time, exclusively, for this volume!  Explore the artist's oil paintings and acrylics in all 80 pages of this book. It's full of robots, lascivious women and stilettos... For sure a sign that Ashley Wood's spirit fully inhabits these pages!

To know more about the artist's work, check out the 7174 publishing website!