Huang Jia Wei - Monochrome + Polychrome Artbook Bundle



Bundle of two Artbooks, Monochrome and Polychrome by Huang Jia Wei


55,00 €

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作者 Huang Jia Wei
编辑 SuperAni
制本 Softcover
页数 304
书高 (cm) 29.7
书本宽度 (cm) 21
书本厚度 (cm) 2.5
书重 (kg) 1.5
舌头 Korean
书的出版日期 2013
ISBN 9788996755128


This book set features illustration works by artist Huang Jia Wei, which include polychrome and monochrome illustrations. In this set, you will find tons of illustrations based upon a popular video game, such as Street Fighter and Sengoku Basara, and other sketches from the artist's imagination.

If you enjoy Katsuya Terada or Rockin Jelly Bean artwork and style, then you would enjoy this artist's works!

The artbooks are assembled by a common dustjacket.

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