Ink is my Blood - Volume One



Ink is my Blood - Volume 1

by Apollonia SAINTCLAIR

Introduction by Erika Lust


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作者 Apollonia SAINTCLAIR
编辑 Encre Sympathique
制本 Softcover
页数 148
书高 (cm) 28.5
书本宽度 (cm) 23
书重 (kg) 0.390
舌头 English and French
书的出版日期 2015
ISBN 978-3-9524803-4-2


Ink is my Blood is a series of artbooks showcasing most of Apollonia Saintclair's graphic work.

The Volume 1, first of the series, covers the artist's production between 2012 and 2014.

You will also find an introduction by the internationally acclaimed film director Erika Lust !

Texts written by Evelyn Wang, Adeline Wessang and Thomas Selzam.

The other volumes of the Ink is my Blood series are available here!

Video presentation of the book here.