John Howe - Cathedral (English)


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AuteurJohn HOWE
ÉditeurEditions Caurette
ReliureCouverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages40
Hauteur (cm)29,7
Largeur (cm)21
Épaisseur (cm)0.5
Poids (kg)0,440
Date de publication2024

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About the book:

High above the city, which was just waking up, stood this immense cathedral woven of stone lace and gargoyals. This morning, as the misty dawn still envelops its spires in ribbons of mist, a young boy, Nathaniel, sets out to climb its staircases, one after the other...

Plunge into the world of heroic fantasy, fascinating with medieval history and architecture, and be captivated by extravagant architectural details and memorable, unique characters, all wrapped together with a plot that holds our attention!

Written and illustrated by a young John Howe, fresh from the vast expanse of British Columbia, Canada, to  Strasbourg on an art scholarship. When you read this story, the delight of discovering the grandeur of Strasbourg's famous cathedral is palpable, and we are climbing those staircases as eagerly as Nathaniel!

About the author:

A master of fantasy illustration, John Howe is famous for having brought the world of J. R. R. Tolkien to life, both in film and in prestigious editions of The Lord of the Rings. As a young Canadian who came to Strasbourg to study drawing, he simultaneously discovered gothic architecture and the Middle Ages when he saw Strasbourg cathedral. These have continued to inspire him ever since and are evident in his images that have become popular around the world.

Click here to watch an interview with John Howe!

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The fantastic illustrations of John Howe by ARTE: