L'Art de Peter de Sève - A Sketchy Past (French)



A Sketchy Past - L'Art de Peter de Sève

A monograph by the famous illustrator and character designer, preface by Chris Wedge

French version only!

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Ficha técnica

Autor Peter de Sève
Editor Akileos
Vinculante Hardcover with jacket
Número de páginas 240
Altura (cm) 30.5
Ancho (cm) 26.5
Espesor (cm) 2.5
Peso (kg) 2
Idioma Français
Fecha de publicación 10/2009
ISBN 9782355740534

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A word from the publisher:

In this splendid monograph, you'll meet the world famous illustrator and character designer Peter de Sève. He'll present you some of his best works. Creative, eccentric and often irreverent, they embody a life of drawings... A "very sketchy past" to say the least.

In short, Peter de Sève is a reference in terms of arts, like few others. And for the first time ever his various works are going to be published in an album which will most certainly become a Bible for every illustrator and drawing lover.

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You can find Peter online here:


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French version only!