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The Art of Osetes: a beautiful LGBTQ+ art book of male illustrations

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Ficha técnica

Autor Osetes
Editor Chaumington
Vinculante Hardcover
Número de páginas 96
Altura (cm) 26.6
Ancho (cm) 19.6
Espesor (cm) 1.3
Peso (kg) 0.560
Idioma English & French
Fecha de publicación 03/2021
ISBN 9782491569044

Más información

The Art of Osetes collects over 90 pages of art from an incredibly talented digital artist called Osetes, in a beautiful hardcover book of approx. 8x11" (19.5 x 26.5cm) and is for adults only.

This book celebrates male nudity in all its forms, but we will only show you cropped images and a censored cover, which should be enough to get your imagination going.

Osetes is one of those artists who manages to make men look sexy with the stroke of a pen, regardless of their body type, age or color. He draws them naked and it doesn't seem to bother them; they live their lives without worrying about us, whether they are at work, with friends or on vacation. This book is a celebration of freedom in a world where censorship is more and more present and about feeling good about oneself without being afraid of any judgment. The strength of Osetes’ drawings is that they show us that nudity and sexuality are as natural as the air that we breathe ; it’s exciting and liberating, and nothing is more erotic than this.

More information on the publisher's website and on Instagram.