Eric Hérenguel - The KONG CREW - Ep 1



The KONG CREW - Ep 1 by Eric Hérenguel

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5,00 €

Ficha técnica

Editor Editions Caurette
Vinculante Softcover
Número de páginas 34
Altura (cm) 26 cm
Ancho (cm) 17,5 cm
Peso (kg) 125 gr.
Idioma Anglais
Fecha de publicación 01-2018
ISBN 979-10-96315-09-3

Más información

Welcome aboard! Eric Herenguel will now take you to Manhattan... Or what it has become!It is 1947, 14 years after Kong's victory.

Manhattan has been evacuated and the island is now a 'no go' zone under the surveillance of... the KONG CREW!

You will follow the adventures of this elite squadron trying to keep an eye on the island and the living creatures that remain.....

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Different editions of the book

There are several editions of The Kong Crew. Have a look at the little recap below:

  •  The Comics: Two softcover comics book, small format, published by Caurette. Images in black and white, text in English. – 5€
  • The ‘classic’ book: 26x17.5cm, published by Ankama in October 2019. Colored, text in French. – 15.90€
  • The Blank Cover book: it differs from the Ankama edition by its white blank cover, with an original drawing of Eric Hérenguel. – 85€
  • The Artist’s Edition: large format 30x42cm, high quality scans of the original pages (full color printing), with a lot of bonus. This edition will be available in French and in English. – 149€


                                     Cover                                Language                            Pages                   Price

Comics                        Softcover                               English                        Black and white              5€

Classic Book                Hardcover                              French                             Colored                   15.90€

Blank Cover      Blank + Original drawing                    French                             Colored                    85€

Artist’s Edition     Hardcover, larger size          Depends on the version          Full color printing            149€

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