Stan Manoukian - Species (Vol. 2)



Species vol. 2 is the second volume of Stan Manoukian "Species series", gathering even more little monsters than in the first book!

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Editor Editions Caurette
Vinculante Hardcover
Número de páginas 40
Altura (cm) 21.7
Ancho (cm) 21.7
Espesor (cm) 1.3
Peso (kg) 0.445
Idioma No text
Fecha de publicación 05/2022
ISBN 9782382890431

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Species vol. 2 is a collection of unknown creatures invented by Stan Manoukian.

Through these pages, you will discover over 134 creatures, from the freakiest (which will be more than happy to eat you alive if you ever cross their path) to the cutest (they will snuggle next to you in bed and probably snore the night away in your ears)!

This bestiary is a must-have, don't hesitate no more and meet you new best friends!

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