Stan Manoukian - Mini Encyclopedia of Monsters



What would Chucky look like as a little Stan Manoukian's monster? The answer in his Mini Encyclopedia of Monsters!

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Editor Caurette
Vinculante Hardcover
Número de páginas 36
Altura (cm) 24.5
Ancho (cm) 17.5
Espesor (cm) 1
Peso (kg) 0.316
Fecha de publicación 06/2022
ISBN 9782382890400

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Come and meet 31 classic monsters from movies, popular culture and novels mischievously reinterpreted by the great Stan Manoukian!

A stunning and imaginative overview of horror movies, with villains from classics such as Ringu, and slashers like Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and last but not least, Stephen King's classic novel, It.

From Big Foot to Edward Scissorhands to The Addams Family, or Dracula, Stan Manoukian cleverly delivers portraits in tribute to the classic horror and slasher movie villains.

Beware of Ratcula and Chihuawolf!

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