ASSELBORN Jörg - Remains of the Journey



Reisereste by Jörg Asselborn


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25,00 €

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Editor Editions Caurette
Vinculante Hardcover
Número de páginas 128
Altura (cm) 21
Ancho (cm) 29.7
Espesor (cm) 1.2
Peso (kg) 0.9
Idioma English
Fecha de publicación Early 2022
ISBN 9791096315987

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With Jörg Asselborn, lines and colours dance in perfect harmony to capture the beauty of the places he visits. The unique perspective afforded by his brushes lets you see things you would otherwise overlook. A majestic fireplace, the curvature of a wooden framed house, a magnificent submarine – each picture endowed with a life of its own.

Jörg Asselborn is a tireless traveller and talented watercolour illustrator. Wherever he goes he is never without his brushes and sketches whenever he can. His work, both delicate and extremely detailed is often compared to what we see in movies made by the Ghibli studio. This book reveals some of the very best work from his journeys around the world (Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the Netherlands). From time to time he paints imaginary places too – just for a bit of fun! The foreword is written by Thomas Von Kummant.



More information on the publisher's website!

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