Jean-David Morvan - Ted Bundy, Lady Killer (FR)



Ted Bundy, Lady Killer, from the "Stéphane Bourgoing présente les serial killers" series, adapted by Jean-David Morvan and illustrated by Scietronc


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17,50 €

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Autor Jean-David Morvan
Editor Glénat
Número de páginas 144
Altura (cm) 26.7
Ancho (cm) 20.5
Espesor (cm) 1.7
Peso (kg) 0.694
Idioma French
Fecha de publicación 18/03/2020
ISBN 9782344034880

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"He was the definition of a heartless demon"

Florida State Prison, January 1989. Ted Bundy has become the most famous serial killer in the United States. After having kidnapped, raped and assassinated more than thirty young women across seven states between 1973 and 1978 and denying it for more than a decade, the one the media named "Lady Killer" has finally admitted to his crimes. While in deathrow, he answers Etienne Jallieu's questions. Their exchange becomes what will help understand exactly what could have driven such an ordinary-looking man to become the most dreaded killer in history. Most importantly, if Ted Bundy isn't actually the monster everyone thought he was, could the same hidden impulses be lying in every one of us?

While decoding the US' most famous serial killer's story, the authors question one of humanity's oldest enigma: the origin of the wicked.