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Stonehouse's anatomy, anatomy for all artists, by JeongHyun SEOK, aka Stonehouse!


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Ficha técnica

Autor Stonehouse
Editor SuperAni
Vinculante Softcover
Número de páginas 657
Altura (cm) 24.2
Ancho (cm) 18.8
Espesor (cm) 3.9
Peso (kg) 1.6
Idioma Anglais
Fecha de publicación 10/2020
ISBN 9791197005107

Más información

Seok Jung Hyun aka Stonehouse’s Anatomy wrote and realized this very complete, very thorough anatomy guide which has been published by Superani in Korea in 2017 and here it is, finally translated in English!

The idea for this book comes from all the artistic anatomy knowledge that the author accumulated over a long period of time as a professional illustrator. He has studied anatomy for his own works and has gained unusual insight through exchanges with experts in various fields.

While this book offers tips and guidance about drawing the anatomy in general, the author would love for it to become a guide to understanding and loving ourselves as well as other bodies. Seok takes us on an adventure to discover the human body, having included in the book many explanations and interesting facts from a biological perspective which, in the end, help us draw even better.

Don't hesitate to watch Stonehouse draw on this short (and very impressive) video: A woman's life
(well… 21 millions views so far ^^)



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