Andrew Mar - Aphos



Aphos, is an illustrated book by Andrew  Mar.

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30,00 €

Ficha técnica

Auteur Andrew MAR
Editeur Editions Caurette
Nombre de pages 160
Hauteur 30
Largeur 20
Poids 0.750
Langue Anglais
Date de publication 19/02/20
ISBN 979-10-96315-39-0

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The Artist: Andrew Mar 

"I’ve been drawing for my entire life, a child when my parents enrolled me in lessons for traditional Chinese calligraphy. Some may have found it mind numbing and dull, but I grew addicted to the medium. Over time, the ink brush evolved into the ink pen, and those Chinese characters evolved into fantasy characters. I also make it a goal to participate in international online art challenges such as Inktober and Mermay. These communal occasions provide the fuel for maintaining consistent discipline together with passion.

Ink is a straight-forward, binary medium- black ink and white paper. With only two hard tones at one’s disposal, it can be difficult to create subtle transitions and softness. Mistakes become stark, and attempts to fix them usually make it worse. This challenge is part of the appeal. My love for ink has me constantly striving to master the medium, and always eager to create."

The Content:

this book is a collection of ink drawings depicting the lives and worlds existing in my mind, separated into their various realms:

Celestial – the dominion of angels, of elegance and power, who serve to protect their boundaries.

Terrestrial – the mortal lands of warring kingdoms, and those caught between them in forest and sky.

Infernal – the dark world of demons, succubi, dragons, and beasts, all scraping and scavenging to survive. 

Pelagial – the abyss of those whose sparse company are only those found in the void.

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