Karl Kopinski - The Big Kopinski vol.1 (preorder)



THE BIG KOPINSKI - Sketches and Illustrations by Karl Kopinski

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This book will start shipping around Nov. 9th, 2020

Fecha de disponibilidad: 09/11/2020

70,00 €

Ficha técnica

Auteur Karl Kopinski
Editeur Caurette
Nombre de pages 296
Hauteur 28
Largeur 21
Profondeur 2,8
Poids 1,5 Kg
Langue English / Français
Date de publication 01-2019
ISBN 979-10-96315-17-8

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PRE-ORDER : the book will be available and shipped around Nov. 9th

THE BIG KOPINSKI - Sketches and Illustrations by Karl Kopinski

After several months of editing, the first BIG KOPINSKI sketchbook has hit the shelves. What we’re talking about now is 296 pages full of warriors, goblins, dragons, vikings, pirates, swashbucklers, soldiers, Indians, cow-boys, samurais, thugs, bikers, super-heroes, astronautes, oh!  and a few zombies for good measure.  Each image is alive with detail and emotion, movement being implied with every stroke.

The Big Kopinski has 240 pages of black and white sketches, and 56 are in gloriously full color.

Karl Kopinski is an English artist best known for his work with big companies like Wizards of the Coast, Ubisoft, Games Workshop, CMON or Hasbro. He never satisfies himself with mercenary work and at every opportunity, even the slightest, he draws obsessively. Go ahead and dive headfirst into his sketchbook without so much as a safety net; he brightens each page with incredible sketches… to our great delight!

For more information on this artbook, don't hesitate to visit the publisher's website (well, that's us too ^^).

And even better: there is a COLLECTOR VERSION available here !

One last word: if you are a fan of Karl Kopinski's work, don't miss out on  ELSEWHERE by Jesper EJSING, an incredible artbook by a master of the genre :)

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