L'univers féérique 放大

Olivier Ledroit - The fairytale world (Poster)



The Fairytale World poster from the book L'Univers Féerique T.2 by Olivier Ledroit.

A poetic and magical poster in 98 x 40 cm format.

Please place two orders if vous want to buy books and posters (differents costs and parcels). Thank you!


20,00 €

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作者Olivier Ledroit
编辑Daniel Maghen éditions
书高 (cm)40
书本宽度 (cm)98


Revel in a lush sylvan fantasy! To celebrate the launch of Olivier Ledroit's second volume : L'Univers Féérique, the artist designed this magnificent 98 x 40 cm poster.

Ledroit's artistic work is brimming and overflowing with fairies, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies and other magical creatures in a poetic, sensuously spellbinding composition. Truly stunning!

Please note that for the purchase of books and posters, two separate orders are required because each have different packaging and shipping costs. We thank you for your understanding!