Lu Ming - Hard Melody (Anglais)


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Hard Melody is a dramatic tale of undying brotherhood by celebrated Chinese artist Lu Ming, who is widely recognized as the leading figure of Chinese realist comics.

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Auteur Lu Ming
Éditeur Magnetic Press
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 100
Hauteur (cm) 27.5
Largeur (cm) 21.5
Épaisseur (cm) 1.3
Poids (kg) 0.7
Langue Anglais
Date de publication 05/2021
ISBN 9781951719081

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A word about the author:

Few artists are as complete as Lu Ming, known for his hyper-realistic artwork inspired by both ancient Chinese lore and contemporary music. He has gone from directing concept desings for legendary filmmaker Tsui Hark (Flying Sabers) to winning a Palme d'Or at the Cannes Lions festival.

About this book:

Three 30-year-old friends reunite in Beijing after nearly 10 years apart. They used to be free-wheeling rock-and-rollers without a care in the world, but now, after tasting their own variation of freedom in new China, they are tormented by how unforgiving and unglamorous life had become. Nothing at all like the fame and fortune they dreamed about as kids.

This story of youthful dreams clashing with the reality of adulthood, set against the backdrop of modern China, is like a film noir in sequential illustration which is reminiscent of the work of Hong-Kong directors such as Johnnie To and Wong Kar-Wai.

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En version anglaise uniquement !