The Drawings of Edwin Austin Abbey (Anglais)


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The Drawings of Edwin Austin Abbey (Anglais)

Publié par John Fleskes

Essai d'Alice A. Carter

Version anglaise uniquement !

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Auteur John Fleskes & Alice A. Carter
Éditeur Flesk Publications
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 400
Hauteur (cm) 24.7
Largeur (cm) 15.5
Épaisseur (cm) 3.2
Poids (kg) 1.45
Langue Anglais
Date de publication Août 2021
ISBN 978-1-64041-046-6

En savoir plus

This wonderful hard cover edition is a Flesk exclusive. Only 1000 copies printed.

Over 350 pen-and-ink drawings by Edwin Austin Abbey collected in a single volume.

An extensive new essay by Alice A. Carter is an engaging and captivating read, providing a fresh look at Edwin Austin Abbey, his life and career.

The collection contains over 350 of Abbey’s incredible and marvellously realistic line art and drawings for magazines and books published by Harper & Brothers. Abbbey was a preeminent american illustrator, a virtuoso with his pencil, creating drawings that command our attention, and make us feel that we just interrupted a conversation, a joke, a glance or otherwise intimate moment.

Abbey's painstakingly detailed illustrations accompanied the poetry of Robert Herrick and enhanced Oliver Goldsmith's books, The Deserted Village,and She Stoops to Conquer, and many other short stories and poems printed in Harper's Monthly Magazine.

Also included are Abbey’s exquisite series of drawings done over the course of twenty years for The Comedies of William Shakespeare and The Shakespeare Tragedies. His painstaking devotion to research while securing the appropriate costumes, props and models for his drawings was legendary.

The results are some of the most revered illustrations ever created, which continue to astound aficionados and inspire artists generations after Abbey’s last drawing was made.

This artbook will undoubtedly become a favourite among your treasures nestled together on your bookshelf!