The Origins of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures (EN)


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The Origins of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures by Didier Ghez

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AuteurGHEZ Didier
ÉditeurHyperion Historical Alliance Press
ReliureCouverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages168
Hauteur (cm)21,6
Largeur (cm)27,9
Épaisseur (cm)1,2
Poids (kg)1,78
Date de publication09/2022

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Cet ouvrage est uniquement disponible en anglais.

Relying on recently discovered correspondence and diaries, filled with unpublished photos and storyboard art, this full colour 166-page, hardcover monograph details the genesis of Walt Disney's acclaimed and award-winning True-Life Adventures film series.

From the now infamous research trip to Maine in 1938 for the making of Bambi, to the release of Seal Island in 1948, the debut of True-Life Adventures, Disney historian Didier Ghez tells the real story behind Disney's educational shorts during WWII, chronicles the drama of cinematographers Al and Elma Milotte's groundbreaking trip to Alaska in 1946 and uncovers the True-Life Adventures that could have been.

The Origins of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures is the second volume in the Hyperion Historical Alliance Monograph series, following The Making of Walt Disney's Fun and Fancy Free, published in 2019.

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Award-winning Disney historian Didier Ghez has published extensively on Disney animation and film history. His books include the excellent multi-volume They Drew As They Pleased -- The Hidden Art of Disney art book series exploring Disney concept artists, the Walt's People interview series, and others. In 2018, he received the prestigious June Foray Award for significant and benevolent impact on the art and industry of animation.

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