Of Strokes & Shades (anglais)


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Of Strokes & Shades, The secrets of digital art by Laura H. Rubin

Published by 3dtotal


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AuteurRUBIN Laura H.
ReliureCouverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages152
Hauteur (cm)29,7
Largeur (cm)21
Épaisseur (cm)1,2
Poids (kg)1
Date de publication2023

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Of Strokes and Shades explores the captivating, hyper-realistic portraiture and popular, brooding heroines of award-winning Swiss artist Laura H. Rubin. Though her art journey began as a way for a shy girl to communicate with her father, Laura’s works have now attracted over 750K followers and the attention of big international brands like Think Jam, Ubisoft and Square Enix.

This beautiful collection stands out from other “Art of” books by showcasing her unique stylistic approach to digital portrait painting, while providing practical, in-depth tutorials on how to master her coveted techniques. Laura walks her readers through a detailed recollection of both personal and professional experiences with honing her skills, discovering her style, and finding inspiration along the way.

Discover how to transform rough sketches into realism with Laura’s comprehensive tips and tricks, covering everything from lighting setups to designing bespoke brushes. This high-quality hardback is the perfect addition for artists of all backgrounds wanting a gentle, informed introduction to the world of hyper-realism.

To learn more about the publisher, visit their website: 3dtotal!