Raphaël Lacoste - Worlds



Worlds - The Art of Raphaël Lacoste

Foreword by Ian Mc Que

Introduction by Sparth

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Ficha técnica

Autor Raphaël LACOSTE
Editor Editions Caurette
Vinculante Hardcover
Número de páginas 108
Altura (cm) 30.5
Ancho (cm) 23
Espesor (cm) 1.5
Peso (kg) 0,928
Idioma English and French
Fecha de publicación 09/2021
ISBN 9791096315512

Más información

An exclusive book

Worlds was originally a self-published book by Raphaël Lacoste and Patrice Leymarie, mostly intended for the North American market. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in early 2018 which reunited 1500 backers, the book was never reprinted nor distributed. But this mistake is about to be corrected!

In this book, Raphaël Lacoste shares a collection of his work over the last fifteen years, from the most iconic (Assassin’s Creed) to more personal projects, but also fantasy or sci-fi book covers he drew (for Bragelonne, Random House, Thor Books…), the concept-art he explored or even movie sets he worked on.

The difference between the original version and this new edition? A new cover, some text updates, but otherwise, the visual content is identical (note that the crowdfunding offered an exclusive box set).

All texts are written both in English and French.

For more information about this book, visit the publisher's website.

About the author

Raphaël Lacoste is one the most famous « Senior Art Director » in the video game industry. He won several awards including a VES Award for his work on the Prince of Persia video game but he also helped create numerous blockbusters such as Terminator Salvation, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Death Race, Immortals 2011, Repo Men, Jupiter Ascending

Today, he is mostly known by the public for his work as the general artistic director of the Assassin’s Creed entire franchise. He nowadays works for Haven Studios in Montréal.

Check out his work online:

His website