Doré's Illustrations of the Crusades



Splendid collection of Gustave Doré's 100 illustrations of the Crusades!



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作者 Gustave Doré
编辑 Dover Publications
裝訂 Softcover
頁數 112
書高 (cm) 30
書本寬度 (cm) 22,7
書本厚度 (cm) 0,8
書重 (kg) 0,382
舌頭 English
書的出版日期 1997
ISBN 978-0-486-29597-8


Long regarded as the standard history of the subject, François Michaud's History of the Crusades, published in 1877, recorded over four centuries of passionately bloody wars that brought the countries — and cultures — of Asia and Europe into conflict with one another. To illustrate Michaud's classic study, Gustave Doré executed 100 striking plates, capturing all the savagery, nobility, and vast sweep of the centuries-long conflict.

This splendid collection of all 100 of the Doré illustrations, including such scenes as Peter the Hermit Preaching the Crusade, The War Cry of the Crusaders, The Massacre of Antioch, The Road to Jerusalem, The Crusade of Children, The Discovery of the True Cross, The Baptism of Infidels, Two Hundred Knights Attack Twenty Thousand Saracens, Richard Coeur de Lion Delivering Jaffa, The Battle of Lepanto, Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople, and 89 more! Masterly in their combination of power, vivid detail, and striking visual effects, the plates are perhaps the finest pictorial recreation of the immense clash of cultures and religions underlying the great historical drama of the Crusades.

Sure to delight any lover of fine art or magnificent book illustrations alike, Doré's Illustrations of the Crusades, with its descriptive captions and concise chronology of the principal events, also serves as an invaluable source of striking royalty-free illustrations.

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