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The Art of Osetes X - Osetes



The Art of Osetes: a beautiful and explicite artbook of male illustrations

18+ ONLY!



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作者 Osetes
编辑 Chaumington
裝訂 Softcover
頁數 52
書高 (cm) 15
書本寬度 (cm) 21
書本厚度 (cm) 0.4
書重 (kg) 0.150
舌頭 No text
書的出版日期 2021
ISBN 9782491569068


This softcover book (approximately 15 x 21 cm) is for adults only. Welcome to Osetes X, the hardcore version of Osetes art. Welcome to a world of fantasy, of sexual freedom, where everyone is welcome to have fun as they please. Osetes knows what you like, what makes you fantasise. He knows what you do behind closed doors, what you don't tell your friends or your partner, or what you would like to do if you could... But don't worry, we won't tell anyone. So forget about your problems for a moment, forget about guilt, shame, and judgment. Just relax and enjoy!

Osetes is one of those artists who can make men look sexy with the stroke of a pen, regardless of their body type, age or colour. This book is a celebration of freedom in a world of increasing censorship. The power of Osetes' drawings is to show us that nudity and sexuality are as natural as the air we breathe; it is exciting and liberating, and there is nothing more erotic than feeling good about yourself without fear of judgment.

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