HOEKSTRA Redmer - 201 t/m 300 - Signed



HOEKSTRA Redmer - 201 t/m 300 - Artbook

Drawings from 2014 to 2019.



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作者 Redmer HOEKSTRA
编辑 Redmer HOEKSTRA
裝訂 Hardcover
頁數 100
書高 (cm) 21.5
書本寬度 (cm) 21.5
書本厚度 (cm) 1.2
書重 (kg) 0.5
舌頭 No text
書的出版日期 2019
ISBN 9789083060323


Welcome to Redmer Hoeakstra's surreal world!

Redmer is a Dutch illustrator who graduated from the Art Academy in Zwolle. Since he was child, he never stopped questioning what was surrounding him.

Distorting the world, playing with forms, creating new combinations... here is Redmer's task in this world.

Every page, every illustration, is a new universe with its own logic, may it be bizarre...!

 “I’ve always loved alienation and fantasizing, daydreaming. As a child I had all kinds of theories about how the world worked. At the Academy I was able to rediscover this and process this in to my work. How things work is a fascination of mine and in many drawings you can find this. I open up appliances and objects and freely change what is inside. Often a subject gets a completely different feeling or meaning. I play with form, meaning and function, while new combinations arise. Often surprising, strange and funny but also with a strange kind of logic, a fantastic and surreal world."

- Redmer Hoekstra

This book contains drawings from 2014 to 2019.

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