Jean-Baptiste Monge - Celtic Faeries


Celtic Faeries - The Secret Kingdom by Jean-Baptiste Monge, published by Goblin's Way.

Book in English.

Exists with 2 jackets, chosen by the goblins !



60,00 €

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作者 Jean-Baptiste MONGE
编辑 Goblin's Way
裝訂 Hardcover
頁數 150
書高 (cm) 33.5
書本寬度 (cm) 25.5
書本厚度 (cm) 2
書重 (kg) 1.38
舌頭 English
書的出版日期 2018
ISBN 9782981528919


A crowdfunded book that had massive participation!! Get more info here.

Celtic Faeries - The Secret Kingdom is the latest best seller from fairy artist extrordinaire, Jean-Baptiste Monge.
We  have been invited (an invitation to explore the fairy world is an imperative; an injunction that is perilous to ignore!) to delve into in the fantastic domaine of the Faeries, those that roam unimpeded throughout the British Isles, and those that inhabit their own particular region, whether that be in Scotland, Ireland, Wales or Britain. 

Come and meet the famous and infamous, of the water, the woods, the caves or those that prefer the open air.  Come and discover the tales and lore of each unique faery and be engrossed in  illustrations of Jean-Baptiste Monge, who has given us a vivid and personal introduction into this beautiful and magical world.

A stunningly illustrated dust jacket with gold embossed print is the perfect usher to begin our faery journey.  

  • Preface by GUILLERMO DEL TORO.
  • Interlude by IAIN McCAIG.
  • Afterword by PAUL TOBIN.