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作者 Jesper EJSING
编辑 Editions Caurette
裝訂 Hardcover
頁數 408
書高 (cm) 28
書本寬度 (cm) 21
書本厚度 (cm) 2.8
書重 (kg) 2.1
舌頭 English / French
書的出版日期 2019
ISBN 979-10-96315-22-2


ELSEWHEREThe fantasy art of Jesper Ejsing

On a sweet Christmas night in 1986, Jesper was introduced to the world of fantasy by a friend, through Dungeons and Dragons. He then followed in the footsteps of other glorious voyager-artists from past centuries, and went walkabout. Equipped with his pencils and brushes (plus a shield and a long sword, because well, you never know…), he travelled to faraway lands, trekked through millennial forests untouched since the last glaciar melted, and dived to the bottom of oceans.

As a result, the most unexpected creatures have posed for him and have been exquisitely rendered on paper. He is a witness to thousands of epic battles, and as such, has become a treasure trove of legends. Some shall say the illustrations, composing this collection are purely figments of his imagination. But seriously, look at the fantastic creatures contained within the pages of this book; can you possible believe, an artist, as talented as he may be, could ever be a virtuoso to the point of dispensing with models? Jesper has met each and every one of these incredible creatures: it’s a certainty!

Naturally, the verisimilitude of his drawings weren’t lost on the Cyclops’ gaze and all the great names in fantasy came running to join themselves to his prodigious talent. This is how Jesper Ejsing’s paintings ended up illustrating 'Magic: the Gathering Cards', 'Dungeons & Dragons' books, as well as games such as Runewars or Descent and many more besides.

Some shall say the illustrations were made to order, however, we who have seen Jesper's work know better; but now let us leave the skeptics to their pathetic quibbles and dive without delay into this incredible road book. Adventure calls all and waits for none!

Jesper Ejsing is a freelance Danish artist, famous for the illustrations he's been painting of fantasy worlds for the past 15 years.

For more information on this magnificent first artbook collection of Jesper Ejsing, don't hesitate to visit the publisher's website (well, that's us too ^^).

And even better: there is a COLLECTOR VERSION available here !

Finally, don't miss the Prints that we released for this special occasion. A unique opportunity to get your hands on a Demogorgon without losing your life in the process :)

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