The Style of Loish (anglais)


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The Style of Loish, Finding an Artistic Voice

In this unique book, Loish takes a deep dive into the various aspects of her art that combine to produce this style, and generously helps readers identify and nurture their own individual style.


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Nombre de pages168
Hauteur (cm)25,5
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Date de publication2022

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About the artist:

Lois van Baarle, best known as Loish, is an internationally renowned digital artist and character designer based in the Netherlands. With an enchanting signature style and ability to produce characters with depth and narrative, her talents have been acknowledged by big-name clients worldwide, including LEGO, Guerrilla Games, Amazon, EA, and Coca-Cola.

With the release of her first two art books, Loish discovered her passion for sharing and teaching to demystify the digital art process, and an appreciation of her content is reflected in her ever-growing loyal fanbase of over two million.

About the book:

In this visually stunning hardback, globally loved artist Lois van Baarle, AKA Loish, explores the origins, influences, and unique features of her style. But more importantly, she helps readers do the same deep dive into their own art.

Her third book with 3dtotal Publishing, this is a natural progression from the bestselling The Art of Loish (2016) and The Sketch Book of Loish (2018) which to date have sold over over 95,000 copies combined. The Style of Loish reveals the artist as she explores her own style, including creating volume, choosing color, establishing flow, and the ideas and subjects themselves.

While looking at the origins of her style, Loish sets out to guide the reader through ideas and exercises to help them identify, understand, and develop  their own.The book bursts with brand new, specially commissioned art that provides a unique opportunity to understand the foundations of style.

Combined with candid advice and a passion for supporting fellow artists, the book is beautiful, inspirational, and practical for artists of all styles and abilities.

To learn more about the publisher, visit their website: 3dtotal!