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The Art Journey of Lord Gris (anglais)


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The Art Journey of Lord Gris is brimming with creative inspiration and professional advice from successful artist, Lord Gris!

Published by 3dtotal


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AuteurLord Gris
ReliureCouverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages152
Hauteur (cm)27
Largeur (cm)23
Épaisseur (cm)1,1
Poids (kg)1,1
Date de publication2022

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Discover the world of illustrator and character designer Lord Gris, whose anime-style characters exude emotion, attitude, mystery, and beauty that can be both bizarre and fragile. From specially-commissioned tutorials detailing her digital and traditional painting processes, to a unique peek at how her work has evolved throughout her education and working life, Lord Gris reveals the highs and lows of her art career together with invaluable real-world advice.

She generously shares many of the creative techniques that make her work stand out from the crowd, whether using Procreate, acrylics on MDF board, or colored pens and pencils. Whether creating an ethereal glow, or creating the cracks in her iconic concrete girls, the secrets of Lord Gris’s style are all here.

Beautiful galleries showcase her many and varied character designs, and the artist even goes on to reveal how she has transformed this art into merchandise via a hard-won learning curve. For any aspiring artist starting out, or professional looking for a fresh approach, The Art Journey of Lord Gris is perfect.

To learn more about the publisher, visit their website: 3dtotal!