Decade: a sketchbook by Even Mehl Amundsen PRE-ORDER


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Decade: a sketchbook by Even Mehl Amundsen PRE-ORDER

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37,00 €

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Auteur Even Mehl AMUNDSEN
Editeur Editions Caurette
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 300
Hauteur (cm) 21
Largeur (cm) 16
Epaisseur (cm) 2,5
Poids (kg) 1
Langue Pas de texte
Date de publication 05 / 2020
ISBN 979-10-96315-64-2

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We are now (Nov. 11th to Dec. 11th 2020) running a Kickstarter campaign for this book, which you can see here:

This article has been created as a backup for anybody unable (for any reason) to order on the KS platform. It concerns only the book itself, not any of the special offers (like with an original sketch, etc...) but everyone buying the book here will get the exact same rewards/stretchgoals as all the buyers of the book on KS.
In short: as long as you buy the book before Dec. 12th, you get all stretchgoals!

Please also note that this article INCLUDES WORLDWIDE SHIPPING (uninsured and untracked. You can buy additional tracked shipping here)

So, now about the project itself:) After the very successful trilogy of the TEGN universe we can now present you the first published sketchbook of Even Mehl Amundsen. A selection of his works from 1500 scanned pages of his personal sketchbooks that he created between 2009 and 2019.

About the Artist
Even Mehl Amundsen is a freelance concept artist from Norway who has worked for studios like Karakter, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Riot, Axis Animation, Blur, Guerilla Games, Wizards of the Coasts, Volta Studios, and many more. Besides this he has been working on his own world as shown in TEGN. He travels often, teaching what he has learned in workshops and giving advice to newcomers. He also explains his process and approach through YouTube videos and his Patreon account.
You can find Even Mehl Amundsen on social media here:
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About TEGN
366 days, 366 sketches telling 366 stories, some smaller, some greater; now published in three beautiful artbooks. For one year Even Mehl Amundsen sketched one character per day and wrote one drop of a story which at the end of the year would become an epic sea of adventures. After a successful Kickstarter campaign you can now get the book through our store on or in this campaign.
The campaign ended with over 1.200 backers whose support made the production possible. The books are A4 hardcover, black halflinen-bound and coated with surbalin paper with leather texture. They have over 160 pages and weigh approximately 900g. The inside is printed in full color. During the campaign it has been promoted throughout the world and has received much positive feedback.

About the book
It has 300 pages of 150g matte paper and is bound in a hardcover with black stamped letters on mother of pearl coated paper. The format is A5. The book weighs 2 kg.
The cover is the only thing still in the making, and Even will share the process of creating it on his Twitch-account.

Shipping Date
We will start shipping the books worldwide starting May 2020. You can change your address in the surveys until we announce otherwise.