Marzec - Our Friend Satan



Our Friend Satan by Marzec, Lalko and Murawsky



15,00 €


Author Dominik L. MARZEC
Binding Hardcover
Number of pages 110
Height (cm) 30,5
Width (cm) 21,5
Weight (kg) 700g
Language English
Released date 2016
ISBN 978-83-65527-25-7


Have you ever thought that Satan could be depressed ? Bald ? Doubtfull ?

Have you ever picture a 2.0 Pope ? Host addict ? Living in a spaceship ?

"Prince of Darkness suffers from a midlife crisis. He doesn't know how to meet the expectations of the modern world. Spends his nights stolling around Hell in a bathrobe and drowns his sorrows in Cthulhu Vodka. But the meeting with disappointed Stanaists becomes the straw that breaks the camel's back. Satan Sues the Catholic Church for defamation and travels to Earth to clear his name."

You will love this book full of dark humour and amazing colours! You will be ready to sell your soul to read more!

Dominik L. Marzec (script), Lukas Lalko (color and sketch), Michael Murawski (adaptation, sketch, ink) made an amazing first book, both convincing and hilarious. We cannot wait to the see the movie they are making (ongoing project)!