Mark Neville - Ukraine 2022-2024: Diary of an Aid Worker (+ sygnowana odbitka artystyczna) EN & UKR


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An exceptional book by multi-award-winning photographer Mark Neville.

Bilingual English and Ukrainian version!
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AuthorMark Neville
PublisherEditions Caurette
Number of pages280
Height (cm)24.5
Width (cm)33.5
Thickness (cm)2,5
Weight (kg)2
LanguageFrench and English
Released date2024

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About this version...

This version of the book comes with a 20 x 30 cm art print, signed by Mark Neville (see photos).
To buy the book on its own, please visit this page.

The book

When war escalated two years ago in Ukraine, on February 24, 2022, Mark Neville decided not only to stay in his adopted home of Kyiv, but also to set up a charity, Postcode Ukraine, with which he has been making deliveries of humanitarian aid to frontline towns for the same two years.

Through more than 100 previously unpublished photographs made during these dangerous aid trips, Neville’s diary gives us a unique, unsettling yet stunningly beautiful insight into life in Ukraine. Exploring themes of commitment, home, loss, resilience, the power of children, women and motherhood, and our relation to the land, Neville’s new project highlights the importance of charity work and mental health support for a traumatised nation.

Along with being a beautiful photo book and an essential testimony, this book is at once a call to action for the West, a meditation on trauma, a tool kit of vital information for the Ukrainian audience about where to access support, and a reconfiguration of the roles both of the photo book and the photographer.

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Listen to Mark Neville presenting the project being Diary of an Aid Worker in this 2 minute video (English with multi-lingual subtitles)

The author

British-born, Kyiv-based artist Mark Neville makes work at the intersection of art and documentary.

Mark’s work can be found in many museum and private collections, and he has exhibited extensively in venues including: The Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), Tate Britain (UK), The Andy Warhol Museum (USA), The Photographers’ Gallery (UK), The Imperial War Museum (UK), Haus Der Kunst (Germany), Musée du Jeu de Paume (France).

Neville was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize (2013), the Aperture Photo Book Award (2017), the Time Magazine Photo Book Award (2017), and The Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize (2020). Stop Tanks With Books was nominated for both the Arles Photo Book Award and the Paris Photo Book Award in 2022.

For a complete biography and list of titles of Mark Neville, please visit his website.

Neville has lived in Kyiv since 2020, where he co-founded and now runs the hybrid humanitarian aid and photography project Postcode Ukraine.

You can follow his work on his Instagram page or visit his dedicated web page.

Please note that all preorders will receive a bonus set of 5 exclusive postcards.

Shipping will take place in Summer 2024.