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milkformycoconut is the first artbook by artist Mateja Petkovic.

(+18) Please mind that the book show explicit nudity and it is meant for adults only!


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著者Mateja Petkovic
編集者Editions Caurette & Spiridon Giannakis
本の高さ (cm)2,8
本の幅 (cm)20,8
本の厚さ (cm)1,8
本の重さ (kg)1.523


(+18) Please mind that the book show explicit nudity and it is meant for adults only!

About the artist:

You might have seen his work before on the cover of PENTHOUSE or on Instagram. Mateja Petkovic aka milkformycoconut is one of those artists who manage to draw adult themes and just not get banned; apparently, even bots admit that his perspective is highly artistic!  And now for the first time, you have the chance to directly support Mateja and get your hands on his first artbook.

About the book:

His art focuses on telling a story, never imposing his own narrative, but leaving space for the viewer's own interpretation of what the painting brings out in them. His pieces are born from abstract shapes and forms, taking a more concrete and distinct through vibrant colour choices and perfectly placed brushstrokes that easily walk the fine line between realism and abstract. He is re-imagining the figurative art style, conveying emotion and meaning through his unique technique.

Using the human figure, mostly nude, Mateja dives into the genre of erotic art celebrating human connection and emotion through sexuality. His portraits evoke simplicity and ease yet have a soul-piercing effect.

A special edition (with a an alternative cover, additional content and a slipcase!) is available here :)

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