An Artistic Journey: Atey Ghailan (english)



Concept artist and illustrator Atey Ghailan takes you on the journey of his career, from how he got started, to his position as Senior Illustrator at Riot Games.

This artbook comes in a slipcase.


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著者Atey Ghailan
本の高さ (cm)28,2
本の幅 (cm)23,7
本の厚さ (cm)2,1
本の重さ (kg)1,089


This artbook comes in protective slipcase.

When law student Atey Ghailan realized that he was doing more sketching than note-taking in class, he decided to pursue a career in art. Atey has written a book that showcases his best and most fascinating work, with details from behind the scenes of his experiences in the art industry so far.

Atey’s artistic journey, from doodling in class to Senior Illustrator at Riot Games, California is central to the book. In addition, he wants readers to consider their own exciting journey, whether they are still to set off, or are on the road already.

Readers will be party to his creative workflow and learn practical tips and techniques they can apply to their own art, such as how an artist defeats the dreaded art block, using a visual library packed with ideas and inspiration.

As a bonus, Atey will be debuting a new and very personal project, unveiling completely new and extremely exciting art.

To learn more about the publisher, visit their website: 3dtotal!